Human Hair Extensions 5 Questions and Answers

Buy Hair ExtensionsRecently I’ve received a lot of questions about human hair extensions. The questions range from the simple where to buy hair extensions to specific attachment method techniques. Are human hair extensions worth your time, money or effort? When I buy hair extensions what should I know? Here are five questions that can help determine if buying hair extensions will work for you.

When I Buy Hair Extensions…

1. Are human hair extensions hard to care for or maintain?

Human hair extensions have the same styling and maintenance requirements as any natural hair. The human hair extension can be colored and styled to match your needs. It reacts to heat the same as an your natural hair. There is no problem using curlers or a blow dryers.

2. Are there different qualities of human hair? What is turned hair?

Like any other product there are different qualities. The highest quality can be found in virgin European hair. Turned hair or Remi hair is more expensive because the the root end of the hair is sewn into the base of the human hair extension. This allows the strands to all move in the same direction and avoids tangles and matting. If you invest in hair extensions it is a good idea to buy hair extensions of a higher quality because they will stand the test of time better than a lower quality alternative.

3. My hair is very thin can I still use human hair extensions?

Thin hair is no problem because the hair extension will be adding extra volume. If your hair is very thin then it is best to contact a hairdresser or stylist. The skill of a good stylist at  hiding the attachment point will be needed. Thin hair only presents a problem if the attachment point can not be hidden.

4. How do I attach my extensions?

This is a topic that can cover entire books and certainly hundreds of hours in training courses. The easiest way to attach human hair extensions is the clip. Clip on extension are loved by many due to the ease of use.This is because human hair extensions that clip on requires the least amount of effort and can be done at home without any problems. When you visit a salon the hair extension manufacturers will have already trained the stylist in their own attachment techniques for that particular extension type. When you buy hair extensions in a salon the stylist will be well trained.

5. How can I quickly tell if my wig or hair piece is a synthetic product or real human hair?

If you buy hair extensions and are still unsure if what you purchased is real human hair. Take a strand of the hair and burn it with a match. The characteristics of a synthetic fiber will be that of the fiber balling up and melting, or a continued bright burn with a quick burn out. Human hair will burn much slower and have a very distinctive odor.

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